J'adore Aix-en-Provence

1300ft above sea level on the sun drenched slopes of Mount-Ventoux, lies the most picturesque scenery of the purple hazed fragrant fields belonging to Provence.

TLC took a trip there during the summer months to source the highest quality organic lavender for our Chamomile and Lavender blend. French Lavender blooms from June to August so we're we very fortunate to be able to take in the spectacular sights and smells throughout our Provence road trip. This is rural France at its finest.

The delicate, soft and soothing properties of lavender complement the sweet and calming nature of our Egyptian chamomile flowers, to create a golden cup of pure relaxation. After a long hard day at work and a soak in the bath, this is one of my favourite teas to unwind before bedtime.

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